With Ed Murray’s resignation, Seattle finally got the Mayor I had voted for, as a write-in candidate in the 2013 -Tim Burgess. Although initially, I was pleased that Murray, my former WA state representative and Senator was running. However, I rapidly became disillusioned, when he imitated George W. Bush’s campaign tactics by attacking Mayor McGinn on his strong point: McGinn’s previous position on the tunnel.

Since Murray’s whole campaign was based on an irrational attack on McGinn for having initially supported the people’s democratic wish to reject building the tunnel (even though he later compromised) then subsequently acting as a firm check and balance against City Council’s trying to railroad a half-baked deeply flawed plan through the city, I considered Murray’s attacks as a ruthless attempt to manipulate the truth.  

At the time I realized that a choice between McGinn and Murray was a choice between Rabies and Aids.

This year is no different, so I guess I am going to stick with my write-in candidate from 2013, Tim Burgess.

Let’s just hope Burgess does the most important thing that any Mayor can do:  Audit the budget, identify and collect uncollected revenue before he approves any tax increases. 
Ellen Taft,
Capitol Hill