The Seattle Department of Transportation is continuing to install Zone 32 and Zone 15 restricted parking signs up in Capitol Hill. The new restrictions take effect at the end of June.

Zone 15 is being expanded based on resident feedback, to include potions of Summit Avenue East, 10th Avenue East, Boylston Avenue East, East Highland Drive and Lakeview Boulevard East. The hours will also change from noon to 6 a.m. daily for permit holders to 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday-Saturday.

Zone 32 is a new restricted parking zone that is being added to the northwest of the Capitol Hill light rail station, which is also intended to prevent commuter parking. That includes the presently unrestricted area north of East Olive Way/East John Street and west of Broadway.

SDOT reports it will send permit applications to residents in Zone 32 and the expanded Zone 15 in mid-to-late May, and permits may be purchased after May 23.