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  • Getting Lit Crawl in Capitol Hill
    “For one awesome night each year,” in the words of Rebekah Anderson, “Lit Crawl Seattle takes over the Capitol Hill and First Hill neighborhoods, with over 80 Pacific Northwest readers, performers and artists presenting their work at pubs, museums, cafes, libraries and a host of other spaces.”
  • Bagging it in Pike/Pine corridor
    Capitol Hill businesses in the Pike/Pine corridor ditched their dumpsters on Tuesday, switching to a bag system that is expected to improve walkability on sidewalks and increase safety.
  • Many strategies for addressing Seattle's homeless
    A solid strategy for addressing Seattle’s homelessness crisis remains a moving target following a special city council committee meeting last Friday.
  • Developers tweak Kelly Springfield Building to satisfy review board guidance
    Before setting its recommendation meeting with the Early Design Review Board for what has been a lengthy process in getting the blessing to move ahead with redevelopment of the former Capitol Hill Value Village, Legacy Commercial ran its latest design by the Pike/Pine Urban Neighborhood Council on Monday, Oct. 17.
  • Asian Art Museum expansion leaves many feeling left out
    A proposal to renovate and expand the Seattle Asian Art Museum drew more than an hour of public comment and questions from concerned Volunteer Park area residents on Saturday, Oct. 15.
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  • Renter Initiative: ‘Power to the people’
    Eighty percent of Capitol Hill residents are renters. In recent years, these residents have seen their rents skyrocket. The Capitol Hill EcoDistrict started the Capitol Hill Renter Initiative in March, to educate renters in the area on the housing issues and give them a forum to propose and act on solutions to concerns.
  • RumbleMonkey hosts outdoor Street Fighter 2 fundraiser, haiku contest
    Children of the ‘90s who remember mashing buttons with violent excitement while playing Capcom’s wildly popular Street Fighter II will have the opportunity to uppercut nostalgia in Capitol Hill on Saturday while raising funds to put video games in the hands of children in need.
  • Washington gubernatorial candidate Bill Bryant, whose campaign is finally getting around to futilely appealing to Seattle voters, put in his public testimony about the city’s homeless crisis last week.
  • Speaking for her son
    Lezley McSpadden has told the story of her son, Michael Brown, many times since the 18-year-old was fatally shot by a police officer two years ago in Ferguson, Missouri. She shared fond memories of his life and the effect his death had on her and the Black Lives Matter movement during  MORAL MONDAYS at SU on Oct. 17.

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